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Power Compressor: Service, Rental, Repair, Exchange, Remanufacture

Power Compressor Company
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Trusted since 1986 for Power compressors: exchange, remanufacture, service, repair, rentals.
Servicing the commercial refrigeration and industrial air conditioning industry

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Quality Compressors

Power Compressor Exchange specialise in quality compressors. Sourcing from different parts of the world we bring you the top brands and names in the industry.

New Compressors

The Jiangsu Xuemei Refrigeration Equipment Company Limited is the largest manufacturer of high-tech semi-hermetic refrigerating compressors in China, branded XUEMEI.

CAREL Programmable Controls

CAREL Integrated Control Solutions include programmable controllers for Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Humidification - advanced control systems acknowledged world-wide as superior.

Customer Support

All of our remanufactured compressors carry the same one year warranty as provided by the original manufacturer. We also offer an extended warranty if required.

After-Sales Service

We offer you a full range of valuable technical back-up services, from compressor failure analysis and problem solving to laser alignment and ultrasonic testing.

Parts, Spares, Consumables

We carry a comprehensive range of high quality spares for all major compressor brands, including piston rings and pins, conrods, oil pumps and gaskets.

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Quality Compressors

A quality branded compressor is one of the best investments you can make in this business. It is bound to be longer lasting and give less hassles than their counterparts.

Buying smart always pays off in the long run. Better quality, service, longer productivity, better R & D, and continued support. Overall greater confidence in what you are installing and that serves you going forward.

NEW Technology Compressors

World-class high technology semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors are manufactured by the Jiangsu Xuemei Refrigeration Equipment Company Limited in China. These advanced compressors, branded XUEMEI, are sold and serviced by Power Compressor Exchange.

Xuemei’s compressors are sold throughout China and in many countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. The company works hard at reaching the summit of refrigeration technology and, at the same time, making a contribution to humankind.

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CAREL Programmable Controls

CAREL Integrated Control Solutions are used in air-conditioning, refrigeration and humidification. We believe that CAREL’s advanced control systems are superior to others on the market because they conform to “green” standards.

CAREL is a world leader in developing "high efficiency solutions" - a clear response for environmental protection through optimised control systems. These are capable of achieving significant energy savings and can therefore contribute hugely to reducing impact on the environment.

Full Range of Parts, Spares and Consumables

High quality replacement parts and consumables keep your compressors and cooling systems running at top efficiency. Our range includes gaskets, piston rings, sleeves, oil pumps, refrigerant gas, chemicals and lubricants.

Also in stock are valve plates, conrods, crankshafts and pistons. Our refrigerant gas is for all types of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, while our chemicals are for heavy duty cleaning. Lubricants include mineral oil, polyester oil and polyalkylene glycol oil.

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